Are you thinking of renovating or changing homes this year?

Do you need a dose of “inspiration” to renovate the decoration of your home?

Do you like to be up to date with the main news in interior design?

The colors, styles and materials most used in furniture, walls or floors of homes, offices and businesses change periodically, adapting to the tastes of users and the aesthetics marked by design, architecture, fashion and popular culture.

In this article we have compiled some of the main decoration trends for this 2023.

1 4 trends in decoration to be at the forefront

1.1 “Natural” corners

1.2 Stone, the star material in 2023

1.3 More curvilinear shapes

1.4 2023, the return of Art Deco?

4 trends in decoration to be at the forefront

Probably, we are not talking about a new office furniture trend, but about a style that has been maintained over time and that in recent years has gained a lot of strength.

Natural elements and inspiration in nature are becoming more and more important in homes , both for the use of plants, as well as for botanical motifs in wallpapers relaxing effect), bottle green, icy blue or lavender.

These intense colors contrast with earth tones and beige, which always provide a more neutral touch and combine perfectly.

Taking advantage of natural light and betting on the warm tones of wood in furniture and floors also contributes to conveying an image of tranquility and relaxation in the kitchen and found dining table legs .

Nevertheless, nature is not always gentle and relaxing: sometimes it presents itself alive and opulent, organic, because it is in continuous movement.

Hence the use of materials such as clay, velvet or ceramic in certain decorative elements is also a trend this year.

Trendy interior decoration

Stone, the star material in 2023

Natural stone will be the main material in many interior design projects carried out in 2023.

Granite, limestone, sandstone, slate or marble are some of the elements that we can see in sinks, bathrooms and, of course, in coatings, walls and floors.

In addition, it is timeless and never goes out of fashion, so we can introduce it into current and modern environments, but also into other more classic ones.

In any case, it seems that natural stone will move away from “basic” tones and shapes and will bet on the most innovative designs , as is the case with

The latter, even if it is quite classic, has warm and reddish reflections, in line with the decorative trends of 2023.

More curvilinear shapes

Rounded shapes are making their way into interior design, and everything indicates that they will become a “consolidated” trend throughout this year.

According to experts, curved furniture improves well-being because it evokes emotional responses like calm or contentment.

Indoors, both the architectural and decorative elements and the furniture will adopt less static forms, which we can see in the arches, doors or windows.

Thus, we find bathroom counters with integrated circular sinks and mirrors that adopt the voluptuousness of curves in front of straight lines.

In the wallpapers, the reminiscence of the aesthetics of the 70s and 80s will be very present , which will give rise to new trends around geometric designs, but more rounded.

Decoration trend

2023, the return of Art Deco?

The vintage style of the 70s and 80s, with their opulence, almost extravagant, is one of the decoration trends for this year.

This aesthetic will return with a new and improved version, less glam and probably more balanced , but perfect if you are looking for more personal decorating ideas in 2023.

The “Japandi” style (mixture of “Japanese” and “Scandinavian” trends) is presented as a neo-rustic, authentic and modern decorative variant, where comfort and warmth are fundamental.

Straight and minimalist lines

Walls, furniture and accessories in light tones.

 But the big trend in 2023 in decoration will be the return of Art Deco, with details that will help us create stylish and elegant spaces.

We can include Art Deco in our home with moldings, black and white lacquered units and furniture, and touches of bronze or gold.

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