7 Surprising Benefits of Installing Century Doors in Your Home


The first impression is the last impression. So, choosing the right doors for your house becomes very important as the doors are the first impression when someone visits your house. It is natural to decorate your doors to make a good impression on your guests. Moreover, doors have the responsibility to protect your privacy. Century Doors keeps this in mind while manufacturing doors. This is why these doors come with both side door locks. This allows the customers to use locks from both sides, thus, increasing their privacy and safety.

Features of CenturyDoors

Can you imagine your house without a door? Well, nobody can imagine a house that lacks a door. Doors make you feel safe and provide security to your house. When it comes to buying doors, you might wonder why CenturyDoors. It is because CenturyDoors offers you premium-quality doors in various colors and designs to meet your requirements for aesthetic entrance. It offers you qualities that make it worth the purchase. Moreover, these features and qualities do not fade with time.

Give an Aesthetic Appeal to Your Entrance with CenturyDoors

There are various benefits of installing CenturyDoors in your home. Let’s look at some of the surprising benefits of CenturyDoors.

1. Slam Proof

CenturyDoors are slam-proof. This means the doors won’t have any impact if they are shut with a certain force.

2. Swell Proof

Doors are prone to swelling when it comes in contact with moisture or water. However, CenturyDoors are swell-proof, making them an excellent choice for washrooms and kitchens.

3. Borer and Termite Proof

The door of Century Doors offers protection against borers and termites. These doors are treated with special chemicals in the process of manufacturing to ensure complete safety against borer and termites.

4. Versatility of Century Doors

There are three different ranges of Century doors. All these ranges of doors are strong and durable and give an aesthetic appeal. The three ranges are discussed below:

5. Panel Moulded Doors

These doors come in two designs which are melamine door skin and primed white skin. The melamine doors are manufactured with molded panels and are ready to use. These are available in different wood shades to meet the customer’s requirements.

On the contrary, white primed skin doors are simple and give a classy look to your house. Panel molded doors are designed only for interior uses.

6. Flush Doors

The Flush Doors are classic, durable, and long-lasting. Known for their strength and durability, these doors can increase the safety of your home.

7. Decorative Doors

As the name already suggests, these are fashionable doors with various ranges, such as laminated and veneered doors. They can last during harsh climates and can be used for interior and exterior applications.

8. Strength and Durability

CenturyDoors are durable and can last up to years until they are damaged. This property of CenturyDoors makes it worth the purchase.

9. Premium Quality Products

Every door is manufactured under special care and instruction. CenturyDoors curates every door to provide premium-quality products to its customers. They are made with high-quality wood to ensure the quality of the doors. Century Doors offer decorative doors to their customers without compromising their quality.

10. Warranty Period

The warranty period of CenturyDoors depends on various factors. Decorative doors have a 7-year warranty period, while moulded doors have a 5-year warranty period. Sainik Doors also come with a 5-year warranty period, and Century Doors Pro provides a 7-year of warranty. So, install CenturyPly doors to enjoy the benefit of the warranty period.

In a Nutshell

From entrance to exit, open doors with CenturyDoors! Century Doors offers you a wide range of doors circulating between traditional and modern doors. At the same time, they are premium-quality doors but within your budget. No matter which door you decide to purchase, CenturyDoors ensures the premium quality, benefits, and longevity of doors. So, what are you waiting for? Install CenturyDoors in your home and give an elegant and classy appeal to your entrance.

Visit the official website of Century Doors to learn more!

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