20 storage tips to optimize a small kitchen

small kitchen

The pros are incredibly inventive when it comes to kitchen storage. Let’s get inspired without moderation

Your kitchen is not very big? This is a rather common situation, since 40% of French kitchens are between 6 and 10 m² and 8% of them even have a surface area of ​​less than 6 m² according to a 2019 Statista study. According to the same study, only 7% of French people would be lucky enough to have a kitchen of more than 20 m²… If sharing this observation with many of our fellow citizens makes us feel better, the fact remains that in practice, we experience a headache to store all our things in the kitchen. Luckily, these 20 small kitchen storage hacks spotted on Houzz just might help us push back the walls.

Agathe Marimbert architect

Use a set of narrow shelves

From a width of 12 cm, a shelf is very practical for storing a whole host of things in the kitchen: cups, glasses, utensils, spices, jars… C It’s efficient space-saving storage that has the added bonus of keeping all those things in view. Use and abuse them, especially since they will add graphics to your walls like in this kitchen signed by the architect Agathe Marimbert .

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Lauren Rubin Architecture

The extra tip: Spotted in New York, these original storage units, mixing graphic boxes, shallow shelves, rods and hooks, are particularly successful.

Emil Eve Architects

1. Let the jars empty the bins!

Say goodbye to pasta packets, cans and other packaged products. Small kitchens benefit from consuming as much as possible without packaging. By buying in bulk, you are doing something for the planet and you also save space in cupboards and garbage cans. Shallow shelves and jars of various sizes are the perfect combo for a tidy and stylish kitchen in a small

There is a narrow strip left vacant between your refrigerator and the wall? Don’t lay down a spinner to hide this void, make it useful! Fill this space with bottle shelves and you now have a wine or beverage cellar.

You can find these lockers by searching for ‘Tornviken kitchen open storage’ or by using two deep Gnedby CD storage columns.

New York

The extra trick: They work both vertically and horizontally and can be combined in length or width according to your needs.

Hi Five Studio

2. Take advantage of extra storage

Equip the interior of your cupboard doors with low-cost plastic-coated metal wire bins to make use of any vacant storage space, but avoid storing onions in them so as not to dirty everywhere. Put the spices in there instead!

A little story

The extra tip: Hanging metal baskets work on all the walls where you have space, especially since they are inexpensive and sometimes even designer accessories. This model in particular allows you to unhook the basket to bring it to the work surface. Perfect for storing condiments or other small accessories.


3. Hang everything on credenza bars

Credenza bars are a wonderful invention! Here, they have been mixed here with shelves as high kitchen furniture. Thanks to hooks, you fix all your utensils on the bars while the shelves accommodate jars and other bulky accessories (mixer, etc.).

The extra tip: There are also magnetic credenza bars so you can always have your knife collection on hand.

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Olivia Clor Agency

4. Opt for a space-saving credenza

In principle, the entire credenza is tiled between low and high kitchen units. In a small kitchen looking for space and tricks, tile only a small backsplash and treat the upper part of the credenza with a shallow shelf to gain a storage floor.

Stanislas Ledoux

The extra trick: Same storage idea for the kitchen, but with a stainless steel splashback folded like an angle iron to form a shelf.

To complete the storage in a small kitchen, diverted shallow storage furniture, for example shoe storage (Ställ depth 29 cm or Trones depth 18 cm), can be useful as a cupboard. spices or condiments.

Becki Peckham

5. Plan on the space in plan

How to save space in the work plan in a tiny kitchen? With a cutting board that fits over the sink to save worktop surface! You can always have it done by your carpenter if you didn’t think about it before installing, but there are sink models that come with it as standard.

6. Think about the ladder and coat hooks

What do a ladder and coat hooks do in the kitchen? Nothing a priori, except to provide new solutions in terms of space saving. Accumulate coat racks, like here, to hang a host of practical kitchen items, from cups to utensils.

As for the rungs of the ladder, if they are wide enough, you can store things there in the same way as on a succession of shallow shelves. Otherwise, it will be useful for hanging tea towels, aprons and potholders, or storing magazines like here.

7. Dare to be unusual

We end up with this cuisine spotted in Bratislava, Slovakia, which pushes the limits of space. The top of the window, which we would no doubt have reserved for a curtain or left empty, has been colonized by pans hung on a credenza bar. In addition, the classic kitchen storage columns have been replaced by full-height and shallow bookcases that offer an impressive number of divisions to lose a minimum of space, while maintaining maximum accessibility. The message is clear: when space is really lacking, any solution is good to take, even if it is not the most traditional. You too, dare the new according to your own space!

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