House cleaning, 5 tips for impeccable hygiene

House cleaning

A healthy house is a house maintained on a daily basis. Take action with 5 simple golden rules to ensure impeccable cleaning and hygiene!

Everyone dreams of a clean, tidy home that smells good and where hygiene is assured. A few principles to apply on a daily basis are enough to achieve this dream. We share with you our advice from our long experience.

Cleaning and hygiene of the house: ventilate every day

Indoors are 5 to 10 times more polluted than outdoors . Cigarette smoke, cooking fumes, mould, furniture essences, volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds… There is a whole anthology of pollutants there that could jeopardize your health and the hygiene of the house.

This is why it is essential to air your cocoon daily, and in all seasons, even winter. Keeping the windows open for 30 minutes is sufficient. This simple gesture reduces the concentration of pollutants, limits the accumulation of dust and stems the proliferation of dust mites.

Pay extra attention to wet rooms . They are exposed to the appearance of fungi and bad smells. A daily renewal of the air is imperative to complete the cleaning and hygiene of the house.

Take advantage of this beneficial ventilation during your home cleaning to take out your household linen on the windowsills. The ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun prevent micro-organisms from reproducing. They therefore have a cleansing effect.

1. Say goodbye to sponges, mops, and more for house cleaning

Sponges, floor cloths, tea towels… Apparently the housekeeper’s dream paraphernalia. It’s hard to imagine getting down to cleaning the house without them. However, it would be better! All these cleaning and hygiene tools are breeding grounds for bacteria . Some sponges are dirtier than the toilet bowl. For the record, there are up to 50 billion bacteria in a single cm3 of kitchen sponge.

In the same way that we would not wash with dirty water, we can in no way ensure the hygiene of the house with this type of material. Even with the application of disinfectant cleaners, it would only disperse germs to surfaces .

For cleaning and dusting, choose a microfiber . To remain hygienic, it should be machine washed at 60°C immediately after use. If the objects to be cleaned are really dirty or very wet, make a first pass with absorbent paper such as Sopalin. Remember to always clean your home from the least dirty to the most dirty .

Choose single-use supports to apply your disinfectant cleaners . Paper towels, for example, or pre-soaked disposable wipes.

2. Regularly sanitize the contact areas for the cleaning and hygiene of your interior

The inside of your home is full of items that germs love to nest on . These are the ones you touch multiple times a day. And often with dirty hands, to make matters worse. Think of door and cupboard handles, stair railings, faucets, switches, but also toilet flush buttons, remote controls and your children’s toys .

Metal surfaces are problematic because viruses cling to them very easily. To guarantee the cleaning and hygiene of these special areas, household alcohol will be your best ally. Cleaning lady tip: transfer the contents of your bottle into a spray bottle. Simple, fast and effective !

For cleaning and daily hygiene in the home, alcohol vinegar is a must. You can use it on most materials. Attention, it is unfortunately incompatible with natural stone.

Does your cherub like to put toys in his mouth? A good reason to clean them carefully! But not with any disinfectant cleaners. Most stuffed animals are machine washable. As for plastic toys , alcohol at a minimum of 64°C will be perfect.

3. Be vigilant with textiles

The fabrics are far from being easy to clean because of their great delicacy. If they are not maintained, they nevertheless risk becoming the den of mites, bacteria, fungi and other undesirables.

Your bed linen should be washed regularly. Only a machine at 60°C will ensure impeccable cleaning and hygiene.

In the bathroom , replace your towels after 3 uses . Washcloths, bath mats and shower curtains will suffer a similar fate.

During your house cleaning session, don’t neglect the living room . It houses a large amount of upholstery. We advise you to wash the curtains as well as the sofa and armchair covers every 3 months at 60°C. On the floor , vacuum the carpet and rugs twice a week. To disinfect, sprinkle a little baking soda or Sommières earth.

4. Don’t let the dirt pile up until the housekeeper comes

The ideal for the cleaning and hygiene of the house is to intervene immediately on contaminated surfaces . The objective is to limit the proliferation of undesirables. Fortunately, it is possible to make cleaning less painful for you with a few tips.

As soon as a household chore of less than 2 minutes comes your way, do it right away. You will thus avoid hours of procrastination… even pure and simple forgetfulness! Otherwise, you can commit to 10 minutes of daily home cleaning .

Do you like to simmer good little dishes in the kitchen ? As your meals cook, arrange to dispose of scraps and clean up messes as you go. It is so nice to get up in the morning and discover a clean kitchen !

Some areas of the house require impeccable hygiene to avoid any health risk . Pay attention every day to the fridge, the sink, the bathtub, the sink, the cutting boards and the countertops.

It is not always easy to ensure cleaning and hygiene with the desired regularity. What if a trained cleaning lady made your interior shine for you from floor to ceiling? Consult our offers today and request your quote without obligation !

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