Bathroom wall covering: which choice?

Bathroom wall covering

A room devoted to relaxation, the bathroom should be a design and comfortable place in which you feel good. Furniture, shower, bathtub, floor but also wall covering are to be selected with care. In this article, our experts will enlighten you in order to choose the best one. Beyond its aesthetic vocation, the bathroom wall covering must resist humidity and last over time. What are the different possible alternatives? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each coating? Which professional to call for the installation? How much should you budget for it? Decryption in the article.

Zoom on bathroom wall coverings: what are the different possibilities?

The bathroom is a room in the house that is not furnished in the same way as the others and which requires special attention in terms of wall and floor coverings. Indeed, this generally cramped room is part of the wet rooms just like the kitchen. This characteristic must imperatively be taken into account at the risk of having unpleasant surprises later. It is therefore advisable to avoid paints without water-repellent treatment and standard wallpapers.

These categories of coatings scratched from your list, what are the possible alternatives? You are still spoiled for choice: special moisture paint, paneling, PVC ( material which is also very interesting for the floor of your bathroom tiles or earthenware, it can be difficult to find your way around so much the offer is vast.

In order to have an overview of the different possibilities available to you, here is an overview of the possible products, along with their main characteristics.

Bathroom wall covering: painting

Special bathroom paints

Allowing a very wide range of colors, the paintmust absolutely contain the mention “special bathroom”. Indeed, an unsuitable product could age badly and show traces of mold quickly. However, for best results, your support must be in good condition and smooth. An undercoat is also recommended to allow better adhesion to the paint. In addition, the special mention bathroom does not mean that the craftsman must apply the paint in the entire bathroom. Avoid areas directly exposed to water, such as above the bathtub or on the walls of a walk-in shower. These water-repellent paints resist very well to ambient humidity, but not to a daily water jet.

Bathroom wall covering: wood paneling

Wood paneling for the bathroom

However, particular types of wood adapt to a humid room. This is the case of exotic wood which will give your bathroom a warm atmosphere. Installing wooden paneling on the wall brings the zen side often sought after for a bathroom renovation. Whether placed on an entire wall or to dress a base, wood will decorate your bathroom with great style.

Good to know: exotic woods are the most expensive on the market. If your budget does not allow the installation of this coating, you can turn to imitation wood tiles. It will give the desired style, at a lower cost and easier maintenance. Do not hesitate to ask your craftsman for advice.

Bathroom wall covering: tiling

The bathroom tile

Unconditional of the bathroom, the wall tiling offers multiple perspectives for personalization. From the most classic styles to contemporary designs, tiles can blend into any decor. King of imitation, bathroom wall tiles will take on the style and effects you want: wood, marble, slate look… Wear-resistant, they are also not afraid of humidity and are relatively easy maintenance (however, the condition of the seals must be monitored to prevent water infiltration). The installation of this coating remains nevertheless quite delicate and it is preferable to entrust it to a professional.

Bathroom wall covering: earthenware


Beautiful and fragile, the wall tiles are there to sublimate your walls by touch. Available in small and large tiles, earthenware offers a wide choice of colors and finishes. We will favor its use to give your bathroom style a retro or ethnic atmosphere.

Bathroom wall covering: mosaic


It can be in several materials, glass paste, porcelain stoneware or even natural stone… The mosaic creates fabulous decorations on your bathroom walls. A hammam atmosphere with an Italian shower entirely adorned with mosaic, or a more modern rendering with mosaics mixing styles and materials: nothing can prevent you from playing with the mosaic, except perhaps its price, between 10 and 50 euros per 30 x 30 cm plate.

Bathroom wall covering: wallpaper

Thick or expanded vinyl wallpaper

Waterproof, washable, thick or expanded vinyl wallpaper is very resistant. It allows in a bathroom to give a boost to the wall by daring all the ornaments. With thick or expanded vinyl paper on the walls you bring the style you desire. Better, thanks to its thickness, it can easily conceal the defects of your walls. On the price side, everything will depend on the reason.

Bathroom wall covering: wall panels

bathroom wall panels

It is the economical solution par excellence. The wall panels allow a quick and inexpensive renovation to replace the tiles that usually dress our bathroom walls. Bathroom wall panels are often used when replacing a bathtub with a shower. This avoids having to completely re-tile the shower and thus allows you to take advantage of the new bathroom as quickly as possible. Installation is quick and can be done directly on the old tiles.

Wall panels are available in several materials: high pressure laminate, polyurethane, glass, porcelain stoneware or composite resin. They can imitate all textures and materials, give an industrial style or even take on the appearance of wood.

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