The best storage tips to optimize 5 kitchen spaces

5 kitchen spaces

If your kitchen is cramped, it is essential to use all available volumes to save space. Here are some storage ideas for your kitchen that don’t require fancy tools or special skills. Simple tips that will certainly allow you to improve your daily life!

Save space in your kitchen cupboards

Your drawers can also be optimized

Walls can also be functional

Do not hesitate to add hanging cupboards

Optimize the volume in your refrigerator

Save space in your kitchen cupboards

The eternal problem with cupboards is that you pile up all sorts of things that end up condemned to stay at the bottom. Here is an organization tip for all cupboards that are used to store tubular products: tins, cans, glass jars, spice containers…

Shift the fixings of your shelves, so that they are leaning. Then install a metal or wooden rod, or a small board to create a ledge that prevents objects from falling. When you return from shopping, “load” your purchases from the back, horizontally, so that they automatically roll forward. All you have to do is draw from the first line, which will be completed, like a vending machine! You have saved space and you will no longer lose expired food at the back of the cupboard.

In order to use the entire volume of your cupboard, you can fix a horizontal rod to the bottom of it on which you add rings to hang clips. Then just hang whatever you want on it! A reinvented credenza bar that will allow you to optimize every centimeter of your small kitchen!

For your household products , for example, the rod trick is very practical. It allows them to be suspended by the trigger of the spray and to be able to put other things underneath such as tea towels or mops. For containers in cans or bottles, use boxes or baskets to store them instead.

Now that the width of your storage is fully used, it’s time to tackle their height. To do this, use supports to raise some of your plates (or other) while allowing you to store other objects underneath. Practical, right?

Another problem: pot and pan lids. They tend to take up a lot of space and get in the way when you want to grab something. Which brings us to the fourth tip for kitchen cupboards: exploit the inside of their doors!

You can attach a horizontal bar to it that will allow you to hang all kinds of accessories including those annoying lids. They will stay flat against the door if you hang them by the handle using the previously installed bar.

Stoves also take up a lot of space and are difficult to pull out when needed. Our tip? Use supports to store them vertically. This arrangement will give you much easier access to the frying pan that interests you without having to take out all the others.

1. Your drawers can also be optimized

Often under-exploited, we can however easily optimize their organization. Here is the proof:

The 2-in-1 drawer. Find a plate the size of your drawer and stick your cutlery compartment on it. Use the bottom of your drawer to place small, rarely used utensils and accessories, then place the plate on top, this time with your “everyday” cutlery.

For the other drawers, glue two small wedges to have a grip to lift the plate. This extra space will save you a lot of space!

Not enough storage in your kitchen? Turn your complaints into storage space . Even if they are less bulky than your other furniture, they will still be very practical for storing dishes / cooking grids for example.

2. Walls can also be functional

You can use your walls to hang all sorts of things that you have within easy reach, rather than stacking them at the back of a piece of furniture. A wooden slatted base can become a warm and very useful decorative object.

Just mount it on the wall and use the horizontal slats to hang hooks. They will allow you to hang your pans, cutting boards, ladles, spoons, corkscrews, gloves and other potholders.

You can also simply attach horizontal rods to the wall – like for a towel dryer – on which you can hang other accessories or even your cups.

Either way, don’t leave any space unused as some areas are usually overlooked. Have you thought about installing small shelves around the door frame of your kitchen? These spaces lost in height are ideal for storing seasonal objects , such as a plancha or a raclette grill.

In the same way and depending on the layout of your kitchen, you may find yourself with a small gap next to your refrigerator. A lost place you say? Well no. You can optimize space with DIY storage to store – depending on its width – spice boxes or jars.

If, despite all our advice, you don’t have a single square centimeter left to store your belongings, we advise you to consider renting an extension to your house using a storage solution without moving . Raclette machine, granny’s crockery, food processor for babies… put everything you don’t use or use very little of them while waiting for their next use.

3. Do not hesitate to add hanging cupboards

Beyond the rods and wall board, another option exists: add additional storage. They have the advantage of reflecting the image of a more refined decoration , as well as preserving your various objects from dust.

Hanging cupboards are very practical for storing dishes and utensils. They can also be used as a pantry for condiments and shelf-stable foods. But there is a part that is very often underestimated: the lower base of the suspended cabinet. It is particularly useful for hanging your jars.

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