Trends 2023: how to decorate your home with Casalgrande Padana porcelain stoneware

decorate your home

The 2023 decoration trends favor a minimalist layout made up of a few pieces of furniture with clean lines and carefully selected for their functionality, versatility and practicality, but also for the quality and durability of the materials, factors that are also essential for the new year. Furnishing accessories for 2023 will be characterized by soft and sinuous lines, while the color side will be green, in all its shades and variations – from pistachio green to sage and emerald green – ideal for soothing the mind and creating welcoming meditation spaces.

Flooring and wall covering: R-Evolution Green

Flooring: Tavolato Grano – Wall covering: Atelier Ottanio, Atelier Cristallo

Scandinavian decoration

The main trend for 2023 will be Scandinavian decoration which is characterized by the creation of warm and welcoming spaces. Close to minimalism and centered on the natural characteristics of materials and on the functionality of living spaces, Scandinavian decoration is measured and rationalized in each choice and is distinguished by large spaces, flooded with light, organized in a practical and functional way, ordered and devoid of any futile object.

The characteristic shades of this style of decoration are light and neutral: from white to cream via beige, to pastel shades such as pink or sage green combined with touches of dove, gray or anthracite. To create a pleasant feeling of movement, it is also possible to alternate neutral tones with contrasting colors such as sky blue or black. In the design of homes, Scandinavian decoration is distinguished by the constant search for comfortable and welcoming spaces in harmony with the principles of well-being of hygge. Considered an integral part of the culture of the Nordic countries, hygge is expressed in the art of creating intimate and well-being spaces that transform the desire to enjoy the little pleasures of everyday life into a real lifestyle,

Flooring: R-Evolution Terra – Wall covering: R-Evolution Tortora

Organic design and references to nature

The reinterpretations of natural elements composed of leaves, branches, trees or flowers more or less stylized and reproduced on fabrics or wall coverings are perfect for any type of space – from the living room to the bathroom. through the bedroom. They express the desire to welcome a little corner of nature into the heart of the house and characterize the decoration choices for the coming year. The most modern take on organic designuses a palette of colors that evokes the nuances of the earth: from beige to gray scale, declined in the softest and velvety tones, to the tones of green and sage color. These colors harmonize perfectly with each other to create lively palettes with a strong personality. Among the ingredients that make up the recipe for organic design, it is also worth mentioning natural fibers and materials such as wood, rattan, wicker and bamboo, but also linen, cotton and jute. Organic design also relies on imperfect and flowing forms, just as it happens in nature and on elements directly taken from the earth such as sand, lime and clay.

Wall covering: Limpha Coral Rose

Intelligent and open-space type spaces

Rationalization of spaces, open-spaces , multifunctional dwellings and increasingly smart , high-tech and home automation-oriented homes: all these elements will characterize the 2023 decoration choices.

Sometimes adopted as a solution to visually enlarge the small spaces of studios, the open-spaceoccupies, excluding the bathroom, the entire surface of the house and includes the kitchen, the dining area and the traditional living room, even the sleeping area. It represents the ideal solution to create a functional organization and to meet the changing requirements of the inhabitants of the new millennium. Since the open-plan is born from the need to have more free space, it is advisable to choose only a few pieces of furniture, not only for their purely aesthetic appearance but also for their functionality, favoring sober furniture with light shades and, if possible, of the same tone: this will create continuity and stylistic coherence in the purest total look open-space style. This is a new way of understanding space, the design of which requires special attention,flooring . To give a uniform appearance to the spaces while making them seem more spacious, it is possible to opt for a single floor covering over the entire surface of the house: this solution is to be preferred in the case of particularly long and narrow spaces. Choosing to lay the same flooring throughout the home also helps create a cohesive style, while making spaces versatile, functional and practical.

Flooring: Kerinox Bianco

Finally, the homes of 2023 will be increasingly smart and high-tech : they will be equipped with home automation systems able to manage different functions such as switching lights on and off, automating curtains, shutters and windows, multi-zone thermoregulation, energy management, regulation of the irrigation system and also sound diffusion, both inside and outside the home.

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