7 Types of Indoor Palms to Decorate Your Home

Indoor Palms to Decorate

Indoor palms are popular in most homes thanks to their aesthetic appeal. They will enhance the look of your space, not to mention improve the air quality. With the many varieties in the market, you can get what suits your space and enjoy a more beautiful home. Which is the best palm for decorating my home? Here are common types to consider.

1. Areca Palm 

The Areca palm is an ideal choice for any space. It is also called the butterfly palm and features feathery, arching fronds. It will create that lush, tropical atmosphere in your home. The good bit about the Areca palm is that it requires minimal maintenance and thrives well in different light conditions.

2. Kentia Palm 

The Kentia palm is a popular indoor palm tree native to Lord Howe Island in the South Pacific. It’s a member of the Arecaceae family and is widely cultivated for its stunning appearance and suitability as a houseplant. It’s one of the sought-after Air-Purifying Palms and is easy to maintain.

3. Parlor Palm

Parlor palms are compact with delicate, pinnate fronds. They can do well in low to moderate light, making them great for smaller spaces. They’re native to the rainforests of Mexico and Guatemala. Parlor palms are known for their attractive appearance, making them a favorite choice in most homes.

4. Bamboo Palm 

Bamboo palm features bamboo-like stems and dense, arching fronds. It’s excellent in improving indoor air quality and can do well in moderate or bright indirect light. The plant is characterized by feathery leaves that resemble bamboo leaves.

5. Lady Palm 

 Lady palms are known for their fan-shaped, glossy green leaves. They’re best suited for low-light conditions and are commonly used in interior landscaping. The palm belongs to the Arecaceae family and is native to Southern China and Taiwan.

6. Pygmy Date Palm 

The pygmy date palm, scientifically known as Phoenix roebelenii, is a small palm tree species. It is popularly used in landscaping and indoor gardening. The palm is native to Southeast Asia and boasts unique features.

Its key characteristics include;

  • Appearance: The pygmy date palm features feathery leaves that grow in a compact, bushy design. The leaves are dark green and arch gracefully.
  • Trunk: The pygmy has a slender trunk covered with the remnants of old leaf bases. It is usually a shade of brown or gray with a textured appearance.
  • Flowers and Fruit: Pygmy date palms produce small and inconspicuous yellow flowers. These flowers are followed by small, date-like fruit that turns reddish-brown when ripe.

7. Majesty Palm 

Majesty palms have arching fronds with a lush, tropical appearance. They require more light than some other indoor palms, so the plant should be placed near a bright window. It’s native to the tropical regions of Madagascar and is known for its graceful appearance with feathery fronds.


If you are a palm plant lover, you can always get the most suitable palm for your space. However, you should understand the care requirements and size to choose the right palm. Some plants grow quite large, so it’s important to consider the available space for your specific type of plant

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